Creating an Inspiring Vision Can Help to Address Workplace Bullying

I often tell clients that they need a compelling vision in order to create a positive workplace where workplace bullying cannot survive. In one example, a client of mine manufactured aluminum spheres (apparently aerospace and automotive industries use them) and the CEO’s vision was to, “rule the world when it comes to aluminum spheres.”  When I interviewed everyone in the organization during a prevalence audit for workplace bullying, I discovered that every single employee truly believed in this vision. It was very real for them.

But, if everyone in the organization wants to “rule the world of aluminum spheres” then everyone in the organization has to act accordingly. Bullies will hinder any potential ruling of the world with their behavior and the damage it causes. Now the organization can hold everyone – bullies included – to engaging in behavior that will reach the vision.

A vision most inspires when it:

  • captures the people’s imagination on what the organization can achieve and what each employee can accomplish
  • connects with the people on an emotional and visceral level that engages their passion
  • inspires people to excel and work together to achieve a common goal, as well as aiming for higher expectations for themselves and the organization
  • provides a clear and compelling image of what the future will look like
  • taps into people’s desire to aspire for bigger and better things, wherein the vision would resonate with and call on the individual’s spirt, passion and dreams
  • provides people with a clear set of standards or a benchmark in identifying and evaluating the quality of their actions, which also serves as a gauge for assessing their behaviors and results
  • challenges people to focus their energies and unite together in attaining a common goal, which is most important so that people would realize that they can’t achieve it on their own and would need to work with each other to achieve a common good