Training Programs

Civility Partners, LLC offers two training programs: one for all employees and one for leaders, managers and supervisors. Offered in conjunction, they are quite powerful.

All Employee Training

This workshop is designed to reach a variety of employees working within your organization by addressing bullying from several angles. The workshop will provide information for those who might feel targeted by bullies, those who are bullying, and those who are bystanders.

At the end of the course, attendees will work together to create a set of behavioral rules they can hold each other accountable to.

Participants will:

  • Gain a strong understanding of workplace bullying, including behaviors, damage, and the social phenomenon
  • Develop skills for communicating with each other in a positive way
  • Work together to develop a list of “ground rules” that they will all agree to (that can be turned into a corporate poliy, corporate values, etc)
  • Reflect on their own communication skills and define an action plan for improvement
  • Gain information about how to stand up for each other when they witness bullying

Leadership Training

According to research, traditional conflict resolution strategies (e.g., mediation) are not appropriate for workplace bullying and often make the problem worse.

As such, special knowledge in why bullying happens, how to identify and address it, who the targets are, who the bullies are, how to handle grievances, and how to develop positive and sustainable culture change is imperative for your managers to eradicate bullying behaviors from your workplace.

Participants will:

    • Gain comprehensive knowledge of workplace bullying, behaviors, damage, and the social phenomenon
    • Learn how to detect bullying within their own department
    • Develop skills for handling formal and informal complaints/grievances about bullying
    • Develop skills for coaching an aggressive employee using appreciative inquiry, and utilizing performance management
    • Learn how to build a values-based culture within their own department
    • Build sustainable and measurable action plans for encouraging positive workplace behaviors
    • Become aware of their own communication style and develop an action plan for personal improvement
    • A template healthy-workplace corporate policy is provided with this training course.

Both courses are highly interactive and include a workbook, activities and assessments.