What are the best practices in dealing with work place bullies?

Workplace bullying is becoming prevalent in many organizations.  The abusive behavior is displayed not only by bully bosses, but employees can also experience it from co-workers.

A study conducted by Office Team indicated that 35 percent of the 600 employees and HR professionals they surveyed had a bully in the workplace.  Those that experienced being bullied at work would sometimes get confused on how to handle the situation.

Some victims would opt to confront the workplace bully.  However there are a few who chose to remain silent and learn to cope with the situation.  Unfortunately, being exposed to a negative working environment raises the stress levels of bullied employees.  The abusive working conditions can also push an employee to leave the organization.  The Office Team survey showed that 13 percent chose to quit their jobs because of workplace bullying.

So, how can an employee deal with workplace bullying?  Having an open discussion with the bully is one option.  Sometimes, the bullies are not aware that their negative behaviors made a huge impact on other people.  A key item also is for business owners to foster a positive culture at work and have zero tolerance for workplace bullying and harassment.

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How do I deal with a boss who’s a bully?

Bullying in the workplace can happen in many ways.  It can also come from different people, and at times, it can also be your boss.  Some bully bosses may be seen as a tyrant, a control freak or a manipulator.  These characteristics and behaviors sometimes confuses employees into thinking that the boss is a tough one, when in fact, he or she may already be acting like a bully.

Even if you try to avoid becoming a target of the bully boss’ attention and striving hard to do a great job, nothing seems to work.  You’re working life has now become very stressful, to the point that it may be unbearable at times.  So what do you do?  How do you deal with the situation?

Faith Wood, a Conflict Coach, author and professional speaker, suggested six strategies that a bullying victim can do in order to make their working environment more livable.  Most of Wood’s suggestions has already been mentioned by other experts on the field of workplace bullying.  However, some of her tips provided a slightly different approach on how to handle being bullied at work such as learning to say no in a professional manner.

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