Is Workplace Bullying An Issue?

Basically, bullying constitutes physical or verbal acts which could mentally offend or isolate a person. There are also times that bullying in the workplace constitutes acts that ought to be done where in fact not done, such as releasing of wages or approval of compensation with personal motive at hand. Moreover, it involves repeated incidents or interpersonal behavior patterns which intend to intimidate, offend, degrade or humiliate a person.

Bullying and harassment at work is an issue. Unfortunately, such acts may be hard to quantify so as to be proven in harassment claims. With it, extensive research and studies were done just to draw a fine line between a strong management and a bullying boss. Furthermore, targets of bullying at work may be hard to identify as anyone may fall victim to it: the employee, the employer, the client, and even third persons at work.

Furthermore, dealing with bullies at work may yield different kinds of effects such as shock, anger, frustration, helplessness, vulnerability, loss of confidence, panic, anxiety, tension, stress, and low morale and productivity. Furthermore, it may also cause physical symptoms like sleeplessness and loss of appetite, and even psychosomatic symptoms such as stomach pains and headaches.

Workplace bullying in general affects the overall ?health? of the organization and poses a potential threat to issues like absenteeism, turnover, EAP costs, recruitment, workers? compensation claims, or decreased productivity.

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