Save Your Organization From Workplace Bullying Through a Grievance System

A workplace bullying policy is a system created wherein employees who experience bullying may have a channel to report violations without fear of retaliation. The end goal of the policy is to ensure that everyone is treated with respect, and that bullies are dealt with disciplinary actions and even termination if needed.

It is also important for the superiors to understand the rationale behind the workplace bullying policy so as that they could communicate the same to employees. They must understand its importance, the essentials of an efficient policy, what to expect as benefits for such policy, and how the policy protects the organization in general.

As it is pointed out that bullying downgrades one’s morale, deteriorates productivity, and jeopardizes an organization’s culture, it is a problem which needs addressing. With this, superiors must be able to model a right attitude, initiating a culture of respect in the workplace. The organization must adapt and implement an efficient policy against bullying at work. It is also important that the superiors intervene with office issues and discipline the violators. On the other hand, establishing a proper grievance system is essential as well. Lastly, an active and concrete redress measure for bullying is to conduct trainings on how to handle bullying.

As American jurisprudence shows a bunch of rulings favoring an employee over a hostile work environment, one might think that investing on a workplace bullying policy might save the welfare of the organization.

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