Who is Behind No Workplace Bullies?

This site is owned and operated by Catherine Mattice, MA, President of Civility Partners, LLCCivility Partners is a consulting, training and coaching firm that provides system-wide solutions for ending bullying and replacing it positive workplace behavior. It is Catherine’s philosophy that focusing on ending bullying is only half the battle – if you are going to remove behaviors, you have to replace them with something else.

Catherine became interested in workplace bullying after her own experience dealing with a bully at work. During that time, she began her Master’s degree at San Diego State University, where she studied under Dr. Brian Spitzberg, the world’s most reknowned researcher on aggressive human communication. Desperate to understand her situation at work through academic research, Catherine stumbled across the phrase workplace bullying while searching for information about her bully in the library, and thus her career was born.

Since graduate school, Catherine has made it her goal to help organization’s end workplace bullying by replacing it with positive behavior. She has presented her research internationally; spoken at a variety of professional associations, including the Society for Human Resources Management and the International Conference on Workplace Bullying; been cited in USA Today, MSNBC, and other such media outlets as an expert; and as published articles in a variety of trade magazines, including T+D Magazine, HR Times Magazine, Employee Assistance Report, and Personal Development Magazine.

Through Civility Partners, Catherine has had the pleasure of working with such clients as the United States Marine Corps, Kaiser Permanente, The American Red Cross, and a variety of other non-profit, government and private organizations.

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