The boss needs to stand up against bullying too!

Chief Executive Officer, Company President or Business Head are just some of the position titles that top honchos in organizations hold.  These individuals are the top decision makers in companies, what they decide to do can make or break organizations. They are responsible for many things such as the growth of the company, ensuring positive profit levels are achieved and attending to other business related issues.  However, one area which some bosses don’t notice or prioritize, is creating a positive work culture that is a conducive to productivity.

It doesn’t matter whether the size of the business that a boss is handling is huge or small, these top decision makers should also ensure that the working environment in their companies are positive, and that includes dealing with workplace bullying.  Unfortunately there are some bosses who are also afraid of confronting the bully or are turning a blind eye to the negative behaviors.  Some may even think that if they don’t address the problem, then the persons involved in the abusive situation would sort things out on their own.  However, this is the wrong approach.

Bosses who are involved in creating a positive culture at work or advocates of anti-workplace bullying stand to gain more from employees.  This ultimately will affect the business since employees who are not subjected to a toxic working environment are more creative and productive.  This is just one of the important responsibilities that business owners or top bosses should place importance on and not just company profits.

To borrow a phrase from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.”’


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