Consulting Services

We are a training and consulting firm that offers system-wide solutions to help you build a positive workplace - so your employees can thrive. We do not focus on ending bullying. We focus on creating a positive workplace. This is a much more comprehensive way to solve the problem of bullying and increase your employees’ ability to be productive and affect the bottom line.

Blueprint methodologies don’t work – solutions tailored specifically to you will work much better. We use a process that allows us to understand what’s happening in your organization, so that we can collaborate with you to implement solutions that really work.

Our Process

Assess: Understand departmental dynamics, interpersonal relationships, communication processes, and leadership through surveys, focus groups, and/or interviews.

Identify: Identify internal strengths, opportunities for improvement and gaps between processes and goals, and report our findings and recommended action items. Recommended solutions may include training, corporate policy implementation, coaching, internal communication process improvement, leadership program development, team building, performance management… it all depends on the needs of your organization.

Collaborate: Work directly with you to develop a specific action plan and due dates, identify organizational champions for initiatives, and determine benchmarks and measurements of success.

Implement: Work with you to implement solutions.

Assess: Measure progress, behavior change, and success of any solutions implemented.